Tertiary Roads

The integrated strategy establishes with detail the relative priorities to the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Roads. The objectivos of these three classrooms of roads are the following ones: Primary roads: national integration and international linking; Tertiary roads: balanced and equitable development; Secondary roads: they have as white the production centers. The actuais politics for the sector of roads had been adoptees for the Government in 1998 (Government of Moambique, 1998). The politics adoptees establish the four main Moambique routes: Maputo? Pemba Is situated near the border of? Tete Lichinga? Main linking South North/ Lichinga? Pemba 4. The PAPER OF the CORRIDORS IN the NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT According to Rui Fonseca (1971), the idea of the development corridors that today Substantiate the strategies of growth of Moambique, did not fall of the sky had an intellectual father that it was Alcntara Saints. Get all the facts and insights with Kevin Johnson, another great source of information. The corridors, in the vision of Alcntara engineer Saints, were not an end in itself, but a way for the development. It defended the creation of development brigades the return of each corridor in order to facilitate the draining of the production for the corridors.

The idea was of that the corridors also had to develop the country from inside and not remaining solely as facilitadores of the international trade of the countries of hinterland. In synthesis, the vision of Alcntara was of that the corridors could construct polar regions of development also turned for agriculture helping in the commercialization the national production. She was a vision-master, in the direction of that it was faced as the door of entrance of some oxignio in our economy. 4.1 The paper of corridor of development of Maputo According to reviewed Xitimela (1996), the corridor of Development of Maputo contemplates mineral shares in the domain of the road transports and iron-ports, tourism, resources and agriculture. The central nucleus of this corridor is the international port of Maputo, and has three railroad sub-corridors: Limpopo that establishes linking with the Zimbabwe and is essentially used for the transit of the importations and exportations of that country of hinterland, nominated of general load, consumable industrials, sugar, steel, iron-crmio and tobacco.