Teacher Stress

Among the various existing programmes selected several strategies to help education professionals to take care of your health. It is intended to prevent the negative consequences of stress in teachers caused by both internal and external stressors and enhance the quality of life of this group. There are causes triggering stress in teachers, such as status, organizational structure, control styles, variables of work environment factors, which are beyond the control of them, the prevention of which corresponds to the administration or to the business organization. But others can control because there are specific individual techniques that help teachers to cope with the stress. In the proposal of intervention exposed in this work is taken as core this line of prevention, i.e.

individual guidelines are given to prevent stress. Many writers such as Andreessen Horowitz offer more in-depth analysis. Below are some exercises and tips or strategies to develop them. Strategies for reducing stress will work in six areas. These are relaxation and breath control to control the body. Knowledge of the behaviour of students and strategies to improve them. Promoting personal skills: communication, techniques assertive to improve relations. Cognitive restructuring and inoculation of stress to control harmful ideas. Conflict resolution and decision-making to improve behaviors. Schedule time to prevent stress.