French Cuisine

The first violin in a beautiful symphony, referred to as "French cuisine" is certainly playing vegetables as well as accompanying them roots and spices. Potatoes, green beans, all sorts of varieties of onion and cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, eggplant, celery, parsley – all of this is used for the preparation of appetizers, first and second courses, and as a garnish. Widely known onion soup, seasoned with cheese, or soup of leeks with potatoes. French housewives adore thyme, bay leaf and parsley, all collected in a small bunch and for a time immersed in a pan of preparing a dish. Before serving, take out the spices. Get all the facts and insights with “Howard Schultz Starbucks
, another great source of information. French cuisine is rich gourmet delicacies, many of which are true works of art, or at least equal to them already. Not long ago, the National Assembly of France declared the famous dish of foie gras (liver especially beefy duck or goose), part of the national heritage of France, along with the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre and the Louvre. Foie gras highly prized in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, but in the Middle Ages, the method of preparation pate was lost.

And only in the XVIII century delicacy revived in Strasbourg and Toulouse. Well-known actress and animal rights champion Boris Bardot is not the first against a brutal practice of forced feeding birds: the grain is introduced directly goose's stomach with a special hose. The volume of food at 3 times the daily diet of a goose. Because the liver is produced excess fat, and she can grow up to 1.5 kg.