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Latin America

Points out that more than 30 rooms, located in the National Library of Peru, will be arranged for the bilateral meetings of Heads of State and Government, at the same time that commented that the meetings of Heads of State and Government not shall be transmitted, the moment of inauguration, the official photo of senior officials and dignitaries, as well as the closure of the activity will be only broadcast, which will be covered in a few thousand 500 journalists, of whom about 700 are international media. Some 107 people involved in organizing the Summit V. The Peruvian President ignauro the Summit and said: we know that there is no inevitable natural law or diabolical force that we can expel from the Earth and condemn to failure. Always the science, technology and human capacity rather than the obstacles that may threaten the human species. We believe that it is through democracy and freedom as we play our way, said Garcia, he stressed that the peoples expect solutions, approaches and goals of the appointment of Lima and not mere declarations or ritual meetings. I am convinced that we will have maturity to adopt a programme specifically called President Garcia to establish a mechanism of follow-up of the commitments made at these summits and proposed that Spain and Argentina are who are responsible. actualidad.Terra.es adds that the leaders participating in the V summit of Latin American, Caribbean and European Union agreed on the need of adopting public policies to redress inequalities and combat poverty, and bet on concrete measures to tackle the global food crisis. Thus emerges from the conclusions of the Panel on poverty, inequality and social inclusion announced during the closing session of the Summit, which gathers in Lima to half a hundred heads of State and of Government of Lac-EU. The theme it is especially important for Latin America, a region with more than 200 million poor, according to ECLAC, has failed to reduce the levels of social exclusion and confronts the challenge of leveraging the steady growth of recent years to comply with the Millennium development goals and reduce their level of poverty by half until 2015.

Previdencirio Factor

The present work aims at to analyze the calculation of the pensioners being used themselves of the Previdencirio Factor and identifying to which the controversies of this with objective with which it was created. The problem of to be analyzed initially research is which the impact of the Previdencirio Factor in the income of the Brazilian pensioner? Being that currently this subject is subject of constant quarrel in the Senate and courts of Brazil, arguing itself it unconstitutionality and permanence of the factor in the calculation of the benefits granted for the Providence. With this intention, he will be demonstrated the losses that an insured has when requiring the retirement precociously, which, will be happened by the Previdencirio Factor and consequentemente by the supervened expectation of that he finishes for lowering the value of the retirement. One expects, therefore, to contribute for the clarification and matureness of the subject, in intention to demonstrate the suffered losses and thus to become the conscientious and critical people, as much in the hour to decide to retire of precocious form, how much to argue and to fight for its rights. Since, if the insured pensioner to continue working to improve its income, although to continue contributing with the National Institute of Seguro Social (INSS), he will not be able to get none another benefit, unless if it uses of justice and the previdencirio right for such fact. 2 SOCIAL WELFARE the Social welfare appeared with the necessity to diminish the social inaqualities and to guarantee rights to the workers, aiming at to protect it of eventual misfortunes, by means of contributions. Better to explain the history of the Social welfare one will become one brief communication on Public Administration and Social security. As Meirelles (2003) the Public Administration is a set of agencies that they look to reach the objectives of the government aiming at to the satisfaction of the collective necessities.

The Product

When the productive process has the sprouting of new technologies of determined companies will go to adjust itself and to generate new necessities of acts of contract and what it can also happen is of if perceiving a possible demand that has a potential and implementing it of form to generate new jobs in this new area of production. Fochezatto (2004, p.4) explains that: The recent data of the product and the regional job show that the localization of the production in Brazil, either even so still sufficiently intent, is gradually if exhausting in the national space. According to Kevin Johnson, who has experience with these questions. The productive structure, even so still relatively diversified, is becoming each specialized time more. A national trend that also adjusts the reality of Par is the desconcentrao of the population in search of new ranks of specialized works more, differently of as it happened in the decade of 70 where the people if dislocated in direction the industries, today searchs them better conditions of work and with better wages, that is this each time more if intensifying the search for one more good competitiveness to be able to include itself in the global dynamics. How much to this Harvey (1992, p.266) it understands: The active production of places endowed with qualities special if becomes one trunfo in the space competition between the localities, cities, regions nations (…) creating an atmosphere of tradition place that acts as attractive for the capital as for people? of the certain type? (that is, supplied influential).