Sustainable integrated management

Sustainable integrated management of water supplies for human consumption “sustainable integrated management of water supplies for human consumption, is the set of actions and methodological standards that lead to appropriate technical management, administrative and legal supplies, sitting in the philosophy of anthropocentric development without depleting the resource base and always looking for a project rate of return so that she can also keep grow-or-better in time, based on the effective governance of the axes social, economic and environmental that affect them. Diagnosis of water supplies, qualitative-quantitative rating that allows to know the operating status of the system and whose pathologies (socio-politico-administrative and legal, economic and infrastructure, and environmental) are advised after a comparative analysis data (social, economic and environmental) belonging to water supply.Pathology in managing a water supply for human consumption shall interpret as the set of phenomena, inconsistencies and non-conformities – at one point – that affect the conditions that give sustainability. Treatment of a supply set of actions and interventions routinely recommended to reduce or even eliminate the pathologies that affect water systems. In the management measures will include search and rescue priority – immediate and long-term mediate -. “(Benavides MH 2009)