Steve Alpizar

All human relations are based on an expectation of what we consider that the person is, this implies that any relate either labour, friendship, business, family or couple is linked to an assessment we make of a person in certain aspects, when there is an agreement between what is expected and what we then experience relationships can be satisfactory, although always problems. But what happens when a person decides to change role? It is likely to be experience some level of rejection even if the idea of change is positive, but this why it happens? Because somehow we have generated a perspective on others, and those people have somehow from this condition then when begins the process of change is common a rejection is generated.

One of the secrets of the power of the mind is based on the mental programming, which is product of habits over time, you assume that you meets all the weekends with friends to have fun and do a bit of social life, if of soon decides that he will use that time in other activities is easy to find given a great amount of claims by the group, so happens because internally you feel some degree of guilt about leaving their friends. To achieve great objectives is very important to be prepared to endure and overcome the pressure of doing the same things, if it is to a different life, to materialize changes is forced to act otherwise and this is one of the difficult points of tolerate, because it involves sacrifice, for some people it may be unbearable to change the habit of making social life e.g., but then think when philosophy our goals? It is essential to be fully committed to our wishes, otherwise only to see spending time, with no results or a few fruits.

Great opposition or resistance that you observe people you owe to your own metamorphosis internally sends messages asking for help by the change that consciously want to experience but which internally does not want, or afraid, the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar demonstrates in detail how the mind resists the ideas of change, how we can counteract those strengths and the effective way of materializing our desires much more rapidly and with the least possible resistance, by reading this book you will learn about many secrets of life beyond of conscious experience. Jim Umpleby shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

You can destroy prejudices and negative ideas that away from power. Remember that every time you interact with someone it generates an image and expectations of what you are, people decide or not to accept the invitation, can be in any aspect of life: work, entertainment, investment, partner, etc. When you decide to change certain things, it is possible that you are unconsciously changing rules implicitly established, here is where many people resent this new vision and may cause problems. Think for a moment, who is the most important person in your life? Sounds selfish but is yourself, if you yourself not respected and valued, it is illogical wait that it respects and values to others, therefore you must fight for what he loves, satisfy himself, find peace, health, love, wealth and happiness, that way you will be ready to surrender fully to others, so that the process of change can be difficult to tolerate in some moments, but is the only way to achieve freedom, discover who we are beyond the conscious level and work on our mission to life..