Society Commercial

Many average small Brazilian entrepreneurs of companies, over all, in the State of the Bahia where I act as Consulting and Assessor Specialist in retail Management Supermercadista lose the focus in the businesses for not understanding the purpose of the existence of a commercial enterprise. They, generally, withhold a vast capital in financial resources, what them of the false a impression of being able to conceive a business of which they can gain good immediate incomes and in the long run to complement its insolvent or empobrecidas retirements for the previdencirio system virgente. If they become entrepreneurs without being enterprising. They base its commercial slight knowledge in the enterprise of the neighbor that believe are giving certain. The commercial company of the future is that one that if structure today with bases in the assertive experiences of the past. The commercial company is that one that was created to serve, either in the necessary rendering of services or the sales of merchandises or good of immediate consumption. This type of company if defines as Social Company. A company who if adapta to necessities of the Society.

Been born to take care of, to attract customers with empatia and affection and to serve without impulsiveneness nor bajulao. not as they teach the opportunist courses of cold and mechanical techniques of sales. The advertising-social company of the future must serve of natural and spontaneous form. She must always please its white public. I repeat, nothing of bajulao or inopportune promises as to suggest that the visitor orders and comes back another day to buy the product that was in lack, nor to try to offer a similar or generic product. Many retailers sin in the attendance and lose potential customers for the interesseira and false way they approach as them.

They stop everything for the fool expectation of entrance of that consuming presumption that parked to the front of the establishment an expensive automobile of national mark or foreignly and frequent, are indifferent with that arrived at the foot, of bermuda shorts and t-shirt, dragging the sandals. They give the coasts for that visitor who asks the price of everything and never seems to decide itself, reserving the right to compare offers seen in others establishments. This because the training of sales of attendant fixed the commercial it in the idea to take care of aiming at its commission and not it focus of the business, to serve socially. Other times, lose great businesses when watching and almost to suffocate that visitor who finishes to enter in the establishment with a penxs, a block of notations and a calculator making research of prices. Personally, when I want to exempt me of this type of situation, I observe well before the establishment, its products or its attendants. When tired of being followed, after some time, I ask for a service that do not exist there, or for a product or the color or marks of a product that already vi that it does not have in the store. The attendant is frustrate and she does not full me more. But, I only make this with the flat and insistent that walks to the commission search and they are not there nor for my necessities. The commercial company of the future never must leave of being a Social Company.