Purchased an MCTS certification, the training path to the Microsoft Certified IT professional (MCITP) or Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) is also professional series called, which you see in the tests with the addition of PRO. For Microsoft Certified Professional series certifications, a model was introduced to represent better knowledge both technological and professional level. These skills include design, project management, operations management and planning, each depending on the Professional task. Jonas Samuelson: the source for more info. Microsoft Certified IT professional (MCITP) certifications allow you to highlight your specialized skills. You can now easily as expert in the field of database management, Database development, or business intelligence stand out. These certifications exams usually consist of 1 to 3 and include one or more conditions from the technology series (MCTS). The master series, Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) are a further component in the certification hierarchy.

The new Microsoft Certified Master-series includes advanced technical training and certifications on Microsoft technologies that go beyond any product training, that currently outside is offered by Microsoft. IT professionals who successfully complete the program and the certification exams, have demonstrated their abilities as product experts are able to create solutions and implement, that meet the most complex business requirements. Microsoft offers 5 technical certifications at the master level. Each of them consists of 4-6 tests and extends and deepens the knowledge of experienced professionals. The master certification is a basic requirement for all technical certifications to the Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA). The Microsoft Certified Architect (architect series) is the highest level of the CA hierarchy. Here there are only a few worldwide, reaching this level of competency. The training is carried out among others in the United States and the training is not for everyone accessible.

For this certification, it is suggested by existing architects. The following prerequisites are necessary for the architect series: at least 10 years experience, 3 years as an IT architect and profound technical and managerial skills. Unlike other industry certifications, this certification was created by the architect community and awarded also by this. Prospective customers go through a strict examination before a so-called Review Board, which is made by professional, certified architects. The architect series certifications have a demanding and competitive entry process, require close collaboration with a mentor who is already a Microsoft Certified Architect and culminate in a oral interview by certified architects. For those who are interested in the topic Microsoft certifications and require further information, the IT Academy offers MINERVA a briefing to Microsoft technologies Windows Server, SQL Server, .NET Framework 4, Visual Studio 2010, SharePoint, and Windows 7. Interested on the blog or on the website of MINERVA will be complementary background facts about current certifications, test preparation materials, software and much more.