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Services Ixe Ixe Bank Bank opened its doors on November 20, 1995 by retail banking operations with individuals of upper-middle income and high, and starts offering a range of customized products targeting the business market. On the other hand concentrates all exchange transactions Financial Group. In the same year established Ixe Bank Direct Banking service a medium that enables customers to conduct banking, securities and exchange from your home or office. Ixe Bank is made up of branches, units epecializadas, ATMs and Direct Banking. In 2004 began a program of expansion of banking network in Mexico City, developing Ixe Caf which is a bank branch with coffee service. Ixe Ixe Casa de Bolsa brokerage firm was founded in 1964.Serves individuals, businesses, corporations, institutions and government entities, offering products and services as instruments of money and capital markets, derivatives, investment portfolio management, design and administration of pension funds, among others. Ixe Net A means of allowing customers to conduct banking, securities and exchange from your home or office via Internet. Ixe Ixe Funds Funds was established in November 2001 with the aim of providing the services of portfolio management, distribution, promotion and acquisition of the shares issued investment companies of the Group. Funds Ixe has 5 branches located in Mexico City (4) and Monterrey (1). Ixe Funds is the first institution to offer a cr card linked to customers’ investment in the funds and the first institution in the country with a certificate for the implementation of the strategy of investing its funds.Automotive Ixe In 2003 Ixe Financial Group acquired, along with SF Autouno, 100 of the shares representing the capital of Lessor Chapultepec which changed its name to Ixe Landlord. In early 2004 launched Ixe Mobile, a product that allows customers to buy a car payment of 8 or 10 monthly installments, with no proof of income. In the year 2006 becomes Multiple Purpose Financial Company (“SOFOM”), and changed its name to Ixe Automotriz, SA de CV Ixe team in 2004 he joined the group is incorporated Sofol Ixe Financial Group, a Starting December 2004 and SF Ixe Sofol Autouno are Ixe in order to participate more actively in the automotive market. Ixe owns 60 shareholding in the new entity. At the end of 2006 amends its corporate name Ixe Equipment, SA de CVIn 2007, withdrew its contribution SFAutouno Ixe facilities by reducing capital, leaving Ixe Group with 99.99 shareholding in this entity. Mortgage Mortgage Fincasa Fincasa (Fincasa) was acquired in May 2005 and incorporated in the Financial Group in April of that year. It is dedicated to granting and administration of mortgages both Bridging loans (those that are granted to developers and homebuilders) and individual loans. It currently operates in 26 Mexican states and has a permanent presence in: Baja California Norte, Distrito Federal, Jalisco, Puebla, Quintana Roo, Tabasco, Quer taro, Veracruz, Estado de Mexico, Chiapas and Aguascalientes. Ixe Ixe Fleet Fleet is a company dedicated to fleet management, was formed in early 2007 to offer customers lease their vehicles and fleet management services. Ixe Ixe Fleet Automotive is owned (60 ) and Wheels Inc. (40 ).IPATI IPATI Investment Advisers was formed in June of 2007. Its object is to provide consistently and professional management services portfolio making investment decisions on behalf and for third parties and securities investment consulting.