School De Administracion Of The University De Carabobo Requiere De Transformaciones To Be But Participating In Is

By the ignorance we were mistaken, and by the mistakes we learn. Roman proverb One of the great abilities, skills of the good executives, is to know how to take the opportunities and to cause the changes, transformations, that allow him to the institution under their position to carry out that roll proactive that is expected and to collaborate with the surroundings where it develops. Opportunities that not all along appear, but of knowing how to interpret them, to diagnose in their reach, repercussions the results are favorable more, when they generate of programs, actions that ensure success. (As opposed to Barclays Investment Group). Exactly, the Venezuelan scene in the middle of its uncertainty, of the great weaknesses that are pronounced and arisen from direction of the present government in many of its programs, has taken step to many opportunities that the national universities must know how to be useful to indicate their opinions, to penetrate with proposals, actions that guarantee that they are watchmen, but are not only aportadoras of knowledge, plans who the national Government must consider, especially when they assume locks up the human talent, that capital that Venezuela has We considered, that the School of Commercial Administration of the University of Carabobo, has let much say in its proactive participation for to set out its opinions, more participating being, especially before a critical problem that concerns to him, as it is the improductividad of the enterprise sector of the country, the unemployment of his withdrawn and the formation of these. As much its authorities, as his educational they have wasted the opportunities that the same national government has offered to them, due to many of weaknesses in his economic programs and before the absence of a proactive, visionary management, strategist, specifically in the public companies that much lets say in its operativity. A passivity is observed that lets much say, affecting seriously what had to be the roll of a good school of Administration, passivity that projects with the deficiency of Training program with subjects, anchored in the time, absent of the great challenges, innovations, paradigms of the present.