Santa Rosa

Some of the elements that create to the necessity of reorganization in the management of the property are: the high indebtedness, decapitalization, increase of the financial cost, edges of declining profits, scarcity or increase of the costs of the insumos and services and lack of credit. In this way, we see that it is basic that the agricultural producer well is informed on the composition and the behavior of its costs to elaborate strategies of action based on trustworthy, weighed data and that they search the best alternatives possible, beyond making possible the anticipated visualization of restrictions and difficulties imposed for the changes in the levels of price of market of the component elements of the agricultural cost. The history of the city of iturama is well counted through its first inhabitants who arrived begin in it for this city. Iturama, is the 750 kilometers of Belo Horizonte, in the Mining Triangle, was born of the dream of the proprietor of Santa Rosa farm, owner Francisca Justiniana de Andrade. Made use to create a town, the farmer donated in 24 of March of 1897, 189 alqueires of land to the Diocese of Uberaba.Em the area, next to the Rio Grande, grew the Town of Santa Rosa, in a region inhabited for Caiaps indians and of gorgeous waterfalls.

In 17 of December of 1938, district of Green Campina became (Decree In. 148). Five years later (31 of December of 1943), it passes if to call Camlia. In the emancipatrio act (Law 336 of 27 of December of 1948) he was definite the current name. Iturama (yty-terama) means ‘ ‘ region of falls d? gua’ ‘ , probably in reference to the great waterfalls that existed where it is currently the Red Water Plant.