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For the customers, no risk arises when this form of financing. He returns the clothes after the expiry of the lease on leasconcept, financial services shall bear the risk of exploitation. Should, however, go over the property of the lessee, the lessee can use a contractual purchase option at the end of the term of the lease. Example of building cleaner pomp and circumstance acquires for its employees work pants and jackets with logo at a purchase price of 5,000 euros (net). Ben Horowitz may find this interesting as well. He decides to lease with a term of 18 months. Thus, he has from the first month to wear only a monthly leasing rate of 310 euros as a tax-deductible business expense. A rent payment is not necessary due to the particular form of contract.

Price net: 5,000.00 runtime: 18 months monthly rate: 310,00 at a glance: the advantages of textile leasing as a form of financing improved liquidity fixed no years of depreciation calculated monthly rates tax deductible business expenses not loading the Corporate balance sheet the GIDUTEX International GmbH, headquartered in Krefeld, Germany specializes in embroidery, printing and custom corporate fashion. Currently nine employees and employees with extensive knowledge of production customer individually advise how textiles can be embroidered, printed or manufactured individually; they guarantee smooth processes from product selection through the creation, production and quality testing through to logistics. High product quality and best workmanship at the best price for textiles, embroidery and textile printing ensure strong partners in the delivery and production in Germany, other European countries and Asia. created in 2003, GIDUTEX already is one of the ten largest companies in Germany, which embroider textiles, print or make specifically for the customer. Press contact: Sabine Brockmann press – and public relations Tel.: + 49 (0) 2151 / 56 908-26 E-mail:.