Rugen Architecture

Rugen is the largest German island, located off the Pomeranian Baltic coast. It is about ten times the size of Sylt, but only three times as many inhabitants. Tourists can enjoy a holiday on the complaints in part untouched nature, the wide lagoon landscapes and numerous historical sights. In the many fashionable seaside resorts with long sandy beaches, in the summer but also the opportunity for a relaxing beach holiday. If they had thought it to complaints are about 100 more hours of sunshine than in Munich? In the autumn and winter months, shows the island’s wild romantic face when frothing the storms the Baltic Sea and the wind sweeps across the vast country. Visitors to the island happen inevitably the “gate of Rugen, the Hanseatic city of Stralsund. About the Rugendamm one crosses over the two kilometers wide Straelasund that separates the island from the mainland.

Bergen is the administrative center of the island, but also Sassnitz, Putbus or Garz are worth a visit. To the east side of the island lie the seaside resorts Binz, Sellin, Binz, Baabe and Thiessow. At the beginning of the last century, the nobility of Berlin, built his summer residence here. The resort architecture characterizes today the town centers. Especially charming are the piers in the places from where boat trips are offered as a token of the island, the chalk cliffs. Of course you can explore the smallest national park in Germany on foot, but on board the excursion boat to provide an even more impressive sight of the king’s chair and the Wissower clinics. At the northernmost point of the island is the Cape Arkona.

From the observation platform at the lighthouse, they have a beautiful view of the cliffs. A cultural highlight of the festival on the outdoor stage in Stortebeker Ralswiek. The story told here about the famous pirate Klaus Stortebeker is, is known beyond the national borders and attracts thousands of visitors. Cornelia Krause webmaster (at)