Ronald Reuel Tolkien

For people who prefer the classic style of business – the arch is the most suitable form of the window. Therefore, they so often used in the construction of business centers, expensive hotels, country houses. Arched windows are very popular among those who are not inclined to change habits for the sake of fashion. In the apartment they always emphasize the luxurious, pompous interior and to attract attention. Scientists who have studied the influence of the visible environment on human psychology have noted that on an unconscious level, smooth curved lines evoke a sense of peace and human security and contribute to the production of endorphins – happiness hormones. The windows were invented back in ancient times. Every era, creating a new architectural style, change, and decoration of windows.

Round window – favorite architectural form of Rococo, Baroque and Gothic. By the way, according to Ronald Reuel Tolkien, round windows and doors – the main feature of the ancient arhitktury hobbits! Of particular prominence gained in the round window Romanesque and Gothic buildings mainly 12-15 cent. having the stone cover in the form of radial rays emanating from a central circle. They have a very beautiful name – Rose. Circle – the mythical symbol of harmony. Psychologists assure that the owner of the round window (rose) is sincerely interested, above all, in good and warm interpersonal relations. The highest value for him – people and their welfare.

The terms of most anchors and the working group, and family brings harmony to the room, comfort, warmth and love. Therefore, the round window is best look in the kitchen, living room, nursery, banquet halls, places where large numbers of people. Interior rooms with round windows are often make a bright, bright, memorable. They are often used in a "sea" and "country" styles. Triangular window Triangular, arched, narrow and tall windows – one of the most original jewelry houses in the style of a medieval castle and modern geometric style Hi-Tech. In these windows incorporated the spirit of leadership, freedom and understated elegance. Small triangular windows were originally used for ventilation or for an additional light source attics. Small triangular windows are actively used in the reconstruction of old buildings. A major – fit perfectly into contemporary architecture. An example of this – the building of St. Mary Axe (the architect Norman Foster) facade which consists entirely of 5,500 triangular windows. "Pretty egg," as Londoners nicknamed the building, towering over the city like an egg or a nuclear warhead. His height – 180 meters. Traditionally, the triangular window located at a higher level compared to other window shapes. The man, who chose a triangular window – a born leader. This energetic, unstoppable, a strong personality, which puts clear objectives and, as a rule, reaches them. "Triangle" – this is a very confident person who is accustomed to being right in everything. He often risked and intolerant of those who ranged in deciding whether or not prepared to follow him. It must be noted that in respect to the windows, there are double standards. For some windows – it's eyes at home, and, consequently, a place that requires different decorations. For others – is a source of light, natural, necessary and functional part, provide the perfect room ventilation. Someone through the window sees the environment, and someone with curiosity peeks into the world of its inhabitants. We rarely think about the form window. Meanwhile, it reflects our habits, tastes, and above all – character. Options window designs of pvc is really a lot, but choosing – choose for yourself!