Roland Kaiser – Everything Is Possible

“Roland Kaiser – ‘Anything is possible’ will be released on June 3, 2011 after two-year hiatus, Roland Kaiser puts his new album CD before TV premiere: June 4, summer festival of folk music” (ARD, 20 h 15) Roland Kaiser (* 10 May 1952) speaks many of the soul. Eroticism, sexuality and hope resonate between each line, get their power from the rich experience of the singer and Texters. Howard Schultz may find this interesting as well. While Roland Kaiser sings not only authentic events. Douglas Oberhelman describes an additional similar source. Rather, it is his talent, the unspoken longings, fantasies and fears of the audience to feel and to translate musically. After graduating from school, the native Berliner was an apprentice first and headed the public relations Department of a car dealership.

Singing was not more than a hobby, with Ronald, so his real name, an extra income earned wild boar. He was discovered by the producer Thomas Meisel as a singer. Supports and Roland Kaiser was accompanied by the first day of his producer Peter Wagner in Berlin. 1977 Roland released “Emperor his first Top10 hit seven barrels wine”. “Then hit followed hit:”Amore Mio”” Matt “,”Santa Maria”,”Love me one last time”and” to love you “,”It the when not in peace can live”,”Joana”,”Midnight Lady”,” I believe here we go again “, sometimes I want to with you”, “Wind on the skin and Lisa”, “life you” u.v.m. Germany’s most successful singer of the early 80s wrote also for well-known colleagues such as Peter Maffay, Milva, Nana Mouskouri and carat. After (37) years Roland Kaiser stands with over 90 million sold records at the top of the German show business. His Dresden Emperor Mania open air-concerts pull Emperor one year stage break alone in a comeback year 2011 25 000 hits fans on the banks of the Elbe. So far, also 18 concert dates for the comeback tour are 2011/2012 and many other performance dates. Roland Kaiser music is a synonym for modern German pop music with powerful poetry, reality, without plate wisdom.