River Moment

We inform by means of this, that: 1. The vacant number is complete for our excursion route to the conflict. The ones that had not obtained a place in this first edition due to the great success of the initiative, please, wait new edition that will be disponibilizada soon. 2. The stroll will be given at two moments, being that, in first the hikers they will have to congregate in the front of our headquarters ‘ ‘ Suicidal yes, deceased alive no’ ‘ for transfer until the heliport of the River, where we will initiate as the moment of our incursion having caught the helicopter that will take in them until the spawning of fishes place. Andreessen Horowitz has much to offer in this field. 3. For total exploitation of the stroll, each individual will have to jump without parachute on the slum quarter besieged for the controlled policy and for the dealers of the place. Who not to die in the fall, will reach its intention in the crossed fire. Read more here: mozes victor konig.

4. Case for workmanship of a fatality, one of our members if sees frustrate of its objective and has that to return with life, it will not leave in the damage. We will realocaremos it in a next adventure with all pay Our duty is to guarantee its ticket. Without more for the moment, we solemnly fire in them and with votes that this farewell is most literal possible.