Rechnik Promotion

Concludes: to promote a site, how it was possible previously almost impossible to send your link to ten thousand catalog today it is very small, now the number of links in the hundreds of thousands, but where to get these links. Yes buy millet, and not on the sape, Yandex also computes such links, it is best to buy these links near the Yandex, for that he has a catalog of Yandex, the presence of which is twelve and a half thousand rubles, and Yandex Director, so that's all promotion and stops. The hottest queries are already occupied, and they share no one will, is a business, there will I hear, there still will not have a lot of absolutely honest ways not to share a place in the top, and believe me they are used in fully, so do not think about promotion buy direct, a runner and so on and you will be happy, oh, what am I unwittingly gave yandeksovikam advertising. Although needs no advertising. Well, if telling the truth about this company. Anyone who has worked with this giant, but it is a giant, and I want to say a monster. Who has seen the business center of Yandex, and I want to say, raise your arms. Well, all right, building a large, entered the history of the development innovative business, so now only what came in, not more.

Work fast team giant can not, issues are discussed for weeks, and then asked to repeat a question because they forget that a week ago asked. Yes and happens, our pot-bellied little thing, these corporations do not notice us can cost whatever you like. Take even a free catalog of Yandex, which anyone can get enough just to describe correctly the site and all of you in directory. And so it is not so. In fact, what happens immediately after you add your site to a moderation in Yandex directory, you receive a message that the registration can take anywhere from two to three months, but if you want to speed up registration, pay twelve thousand five hundred rubles, and you're in the directory. Everything is fine, unless you pay, not two months, and life and Yandex does not condescend to you, unless you pay for. Additional information at Starbucks supports this article.

Right or wrong, Let those who say that it is not, throw the first stone at me. So why ladies and gentlemen with Yandex mislead people or to the court no one has ever reached. We are building a legal society. See how Rechnik people protect, will get up to Yandex, sooner or later he will get scandals, and that would give him these scandals, and stock price, and relations with partners. Maybe we are a trifle pot-bellied, engage in promotion of websites, but for the quality we have not limp. We know how to work together and improve quality. So, anyone have any questions on the promotion of sites and promote an online business, please, we are open and willing to answer you on any issues related to promotion sites.