There are some organizations that the situation of unemployment which are qualified professionals in our country, have decided to commit themselves through the implementation underway on initiatives to create employment. Botin Foundation has just opened the call III of the solidarity talent program. This call, valid until July 9, 2012, is aimed at those professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers who have had to close their business. In this third edition of the aforementioned programme, known Foundation will invest half a million euros so that, starting from November 1, a professional joins a year each of the thirteen entities you selected previously. But have you sued who may submit to this call and which profiles are the most?: University graduates of any part of Spain whose work experience not exceeding five years.

As for profiles of these professionals, we find that the most requested are directors of projects, engineers computer or are responsible for marketing among others. Initiatives of this kind, beneficial for all, will awaken also between those who think present the need to feel with ability to compete for one of these posts. One of the factors which, together with work experience contributes to I go to this type of calls feeling still safer and more prepared, ultimately, with more possibilities of obtaining long-desired Prize, is to say, emphatically, that we are talking about languages. If we have been able to learn English and apply it successfully throughout our career, we probably will have advantage over those who can not say the same. Needless to say that if, in addition to English, speak more languages, better still, because our concern and our quest for personal improvement will be patents.