Portuguese Bartholomew Diaz

A Distant Day Like on almost all the important facts, the successes of the humanity are based on errors or chances, and throughout the years, there are proven samples of what has been said. – The given discovery of serious that in calling America, did not escape to the majority, since it was based on concepts with successes and errors, the Earth sphericity, theory of Greek geographer Ptolomeo like success, and that the diameter of the same was much smaller than it is, since according to the calculations they had located Cipango (Japan), to 2400 nautical miles to the east of the archipelago of the Canary Islands, that in fact was the position of San Salvador, first earth sighted in 1492, like error. – The call route of soothes, from the times of the old Rome, had satisfied the needs with the wealth of the Far East, but of earth santa of 1453 Turkish dominion and the fall, the loss Constantinople of the Mediterranean, had closed this terrestrial route to you cut European. – Already in year 1488, the navigator Portuguese Bartholomew Diaz, had managed to go beyond the Cape of Good Hope, and so an alternative route to the wonders of China and Japan glimpsed. – Paolo Pozzo Toscanelli, an admiring Florentine geographer of Marco Polo, in line maintained that Asia could be reached, crossing the straight Atlantic from Portugal, criterion that prevailed, and allowed to arrive at a continent, that nevertheless was not Asia, but America, the America that by centuries gave to Europe its wealth, but not its treasures, those that remained hidden before the eyes of the world, and that today, are a pleasure to discover them to the world, like a gift for all, in these stories, which they try to describe to those who, far from these places, they have not had the opportunity to know, they accompany and me in the pilgrimage in search of those treasures. .