Pfingstberg Hill Potsdamer

In many eastern cities, housing is more expensive. Market observations, which has carried out in particular the real estate newspaper (link) show this. It is known that just Potsdam in favor of real estate investors has risen significantly and is now hardly more free flats for years. Gunther Jauch, the well-known TV presenter married after 18 years partnership here not only on 7 July 2006 at the Belvedere on Pfingstberg Hill Potsdamer, he also is among the big real estate investors locally. Who here as investors want to purchase real estate, is actually already too late.

Potsdam has long been Western level”reached. It is assumed, that Jauch such investments in real estate as a safe financial system looks at. Other East German cities are more attractive than many may assume. Although rich cities like Potsdam, Leipzig, Dresden, Magdeburg, Erfurt, Jena and Rostock in the section not yet to the level of leading West German cities approached, but for example, 4400 EUR on the square meters in the new building are cities such as Dresden has long been not a bargain anymore. 2006 it was able to purchase comparable homes for around 3,000 euros per square metre. Aforementioned metropolises benefit in particular from its economic dynamism.

You become, often thanks to the existing universities, innovative sites, resulting in an upward trend in the sale and rental of real estate in. What was noticeable over the last ten years often just as subject to sales brochures of real estate companies, is now reality. The German reunification seems now so a development to take, how she had former Chancellor Kohl probably in mind – although the german/German approximation has longer than many would have expected this. Maybe was the idea of infrastructure funding through special tax advantage but not so wrong? Just as one can say today that Germany could have taken such a development as will, there would have been not the high guaranteed feed-in tariffs. Away from the Investors have the chance to benefit from a positive price development beyond direct investments. This especially when the capital to save available do not allow the acquisition of an apartment or a House. Because the MCM investor Management AG offers the possibility for years, to benefit from its real estate business in the form of profit participation rights. Who would like to know what that is, finds many answers (link). Basically, such models are simple: similar to a Banksparplan or an insurance contract of investors about the profit participation rights participates in the economic success of MCM and is served here. The annual distributions correspond to the results achieved by the company. Experts are of the opinion that such investments in the current market environment has good prospects. Careful work with the own investment behavior, so the own possibilities and the company, it entrusted since money always assuming.