Peru Country

The Peru (Quechua: Piruw, Aymara: Piruw), officially the Republic of Peru, is a country located in the central and western part of South America. It borders with Ecuador and Colombia to the North, with the Brazilian States of Amazonas and Acre to the East, Bolivia to the Southeast, Chile to the South and the Pacific Ocean to the West. Its geography gives you a great diversity of natural, mainly energy and mineral resources, as well as species and ecosystems, so it is considered a mega diverse country. The Peru is a democratic presidential Republic divided into 25 regions, having achieved its independence from Spain in 1821. The Peruvian village is multi-ethnic and possesses a rich cultural, and historical, product of the encounter of the Andean civilization and the West, as well as the contribution of other diverse cultures. Peru is known as the country of the Incas. When you think about the past of the Peru, becomes easy to trace the wealth of age-old cultures and the legendary era of the Inca Empire. Without However, this trip continues along the Peru of the conquest and the colony, the Peru of the union of two visions of the world, of time and of the sacred, the Peru of the battles for independence and a Republic built much effort.

Four hundred years have elapsed since the fusion of pre-Hispanic imagery and lines and shapes of the West. That time has left beautiful pictorial and architectural traces on monuments which synthesises the spirituality, the imagination and creativity of the Peruvians. Currently the Peruvian jewelry has a reputation worldwide due to their designs and quality. Currently the Peru is the leading producer of silver in the world, which ensures the excellence of the material used. This article has been written by an artisan who wish to present to the world these wonderful products, which are the creations of our imagination and effort. Please visit our blogs, where are displayed as a catalog, our original works with exclusive designs. You can find handmade than exclusive models they are perfect for people with exquisite taste.