Orange Blossom

Esther, you finally came had whispered you a neighbor instantly when approached, something that obviously, because his view had planted on your door, over those agents who took photos in the interior and the police who observed it go without saying anything. His heart began pumping so hurry and a cold sweat soaks his forehead, whole House was Immaculate, only agents who entered and came out of the bedroom of his mother, the instant in which are you unbearable to breathe and take another step forward. Their eyes burned and of them sprouted tears MOM was lying on the bed, over a deep mud of blood, with twenty-four daggers stuck in different parts of the body, one of them between the eyes. The room filled with the cries of Esther and his desperation by wake her, believing that it was a joke, that she lift, that if I held it, hugged and cried at the ear, it would react. The police had to marry her the room dragging, while an agent passed him water from Orange Blossom on the forehead and neck, and the officer approached him a glass of cold water, vessel that could not hold, since he had begun to waver the limbs and given vertigo, to then fall unconscious, leaving make the glass shattered on the floor. He awoke last two hours, she was lying in a hospital bed, in a narrow room, two rows and a door which entered low light of office rooms, only one bed was occupied part of yours and was the girl in the fire. The other twelve beds were empty, but that did not matter, was shattered by the loss of his mother and could not think about more than the coincidence of his death with his encounter with Karen, had the obsessive idea that she murdered her mother. Hello greeting the girl’s side that did you, why you brought here.