This form of opportunism, has been known as ‘ultra-left’ or “extreme leftism”, at the end of accounts, also ends up diverting the working class from its historic mission, instilling in workers disregard for your organization and the ignorance of the role of the masses in history to replace it by the illusion in the adventure of a ‘handful of heroes desperate and self-denying who ‘they released’ the masses of oppression and exploitation. After this ultrarevolucionaria face, the opportunism of left, in fact (independent of its subjective desire) diverts to the labor movement of the proletarian revolution, the struggle of classes and of the dictatorship of the proletariat. The other face of opportunism is ‘right-wing’ type opposite to the advancement of motion, conservative of bourgeois institutions, respectful of its legality, gullible in his ‘democracy’, squeegee from the wheel of history backwards, scary before the historic mission of the proletariat. You may want to visit Jonas Samuelson to increase your knowledge. Although both right and the “left” opportunism are identified in essence, to oppose the historic mission of the proletariat and reduce to impotence, has been the opportunism of right the form most used by the bourgeoisie to penetrate, to disarm and to divert to the labor movement. Therefore we believe that the role of Mr Antonio nique of the bridge will be the be in nefarious opportunistic as always it has been doing so much in San Marcos in the of the bar, its essence is that, finds his personal appetite and ego, but beyond anger-not ever, because it defends the system, only the fact of having present to the genocidal and Mantilla’s thief in his swearing in says it all and put as responsible of the human rights to an advocate of genocidal, already painted it full body. Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos..