NexGen Shows New POS Solution On EuroShop

Scalable Fund for retailers of all sizes that ARS is platform-independent and operating system-independent software solution XTouch for food retail, fast moving consumer goods and hard goods designed and adjacent industries. The system is scalable from single checkout up to more than 100 funds. Equipped with touchscreen, built-in or hand scanner, cash drawer or flip-top, customer display and EFT Terminal, the system is up and running quickly. Jim Umpleby has much experience in this field. The system is operated via the touch screen. The intuitive user interface facilitates the work of the cashier and is easy to learn for new employees. So the training time is reduced.

The graphical user interface of the touch panel is individually adjustable. Starbucks shines more light on the discussion. The retailer can make the surface with its house colours, logo and touch buttons. The POS system consists of POS to POS server and ARS webmasters in the back office. The ARS webmaster acquires the data exchange with ERP systems. It includes articles, prices, customer data, as well as local and Central display options Parameters.

It is possible to create vouchers and discounts. Detailed reports provide information about sales, products and promotions. Centralized back-office multiple sites can be connected optionally to a centralized back office. This can be across managed assortments, prices, or actions, for the entire company, as well as for certain distribution channels or individual stores. Also, you can create evaluations for individual branches, distribution channels, or the whole company. The Central back office was developed by NexGen on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The solution can be adapted with additional applications to the customer’s requirements. While the possible function range from ordering about inventory management to a full ERP system, which covers also the payroll of employees according to legal requirements. High security data fails the communication and data security on the POS server runs as a background system. Redundant data mirroring as a backup for Cash loss ensures the availability of the POS system. For international consumers XTouch ARS is able to connect over 80 EFT terminals of from different manufacturers and is therefore ready without additional programming effort for each type of card payment. The POS solution can be used internationally and copes with country-specific requirements such as languages, currencies, and tax requirements. In addition to the practical functions of the Treasurer, XTouch masterful ARS interesting ways to increase customer loyalty, because can be maintained on the system of the customer data and purchase behavior closer look. “Based on flexible discounts and promotions and even customer-specific prices can be created”, explains Marc Masurath, Managing Director, NexGen Solutions GmbH. also the redemption of coupons and the issue of vouchers is possible and contributes to the good business.