That is basic so that information are gotten that certainly they will make possible to get success in the negotiation. With this practical simple you can eliminate the main problems that occur in a negotiation that they are the lack of habit of the people to hear and the consequentes noises of communication. TO ASK: To get information of the customer is basic, therefore in such a way you will be able to know which you are its objectives and its limits of the financial point of view. If he does not forget that the negotiations are dominated by who question. Another benefit, happened of this practical is the possibility to paraphrase, that is, to ask to confirm if the customer is understanding the information that are being changed. An example: Then it desires to you to acquire a TV in 24 parcels? In such a way, you beyond getting information will be if certifing that noises in the communication are not occurring. TO ADOPT a POSITIVE POSITION Remembers in a negotiation is important not to hide information or to give incorrect information mainly and, the people must be dealt with courtesy and respect.

As she can be observed are about simple tips, but that if adopted and fulfilled they can contribute so that if gets success in any business. I remember that you are welcome she will advance to negotiate if the made right conditions will not be fulfilled, therefore in such a way all the effort will be carried through will be lost. In synthesis, to negotiate is basic for the economic success of any company. Good negotiations! To know more on negotiations it has access the text on Theory of the Games. Click here