Moroccan football FIFA

Moroccan football FIFA Code MAR Alias Atlas Lions of Royal Moroccan Federation of Association Football Confederation CAF Technical Director Hassan Moumen more participatory. Noureddine Naybet (105) classes. FIFA 68 th April 2010 Best place on 10th April 1998 Worst place on 70th March 2010 First international Morocco 3:3 Iraq Beirut, Lebanon – September 19, 1957 13:1 Best Saudi Arabia Morocco Casablanca, Morocco – September 6, 1964 0:6 Biggest Hungary Morocco Tokyo, Japan – October 11, 1964 World Cup Participation 4 (for the first time in 1970) Best result Round of, in 1986 African Nations Cup Participation 12 ( for the first time in 1972) Best result Champions, 1976 Olympic Games Participation 6 (for the first time in 1964) Best result without medals The football team of Morocco is the country’s representative team in official competitions.It is one of the most important choices in Africa, winning a chance to the African Cup of Nations in 1976. While the World Cup has had great success, it emphasizes its participation in the World Cup 1998, where almost makes it through to the second stage, but above all his participation in the World Cup 1986, when he managed to be the first Arab and African country to move on to the second round.