Mini-cogeneration System Can House Around

When one speaks of a power plant, one thinks immediately furnish to the huge power plants, the whole region with electricity and heating to heat. The mini-cogeneration system is something different. It does not require major infrastructure and no staff for maintenance. Abbreviated example, a small power plant, including CHP, is produced as a compact unit of the industry and can even be used in a home, as the smallest at 5 KW of electric power plants and start heating power 12 kW, so already perfect for a small house. Since these small plants fit into the normal boiler room, there are no major changes in the heating plan is necessary. These systems operate with an engine that can, for example, gas-operated. This engine needs to be cooled, which is done through a cooling circuit. This cooling system has a heat exchanger, making the engine heat to the heating in the house. Since these plants are expected to work with little energy loss, the total efficiency is modern facilities at 88 percent, with only 12Percent of energy, the exhaust of the combustion engine is also a heat exchanger in order to deliver even heat to the heating of the house. This will optimize the heat of the engine supplied to the heating system. The electrical energy is produced by a generator that is connected via a shaft to the motor. The engine is running, electricity can also be generated. The turn, you can, he should not be fully exploited to feed into the public grid. This supply is paid for by energy companies after the Einspeisemenge. The viability of the cogeneration plant will be accurately assessed in each case but by a specialist. Many factors play a role, such as the cost of the energy of the internal combustion engine may be gas but also oil or other energy sources, or the price of electricity the local utility. When delivered from the public mains electricity is cheaper than the self-generated electricity, the cogeneration system would of course alreadyunprofitable.