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Even more efficient and comprehensive management of IT environments under the upcoming Microsoft operating system Windows 8 Augsburg, 3rd January 2012. The baramundi software AG presents the latest version of its system management solution, the baramundi Management Suite 8.6 (bMS-8.6). (Source: Caterpillar Inc.). The completely in-house operating Development Department by baramundi has upgraded the solution suite with additional practical features minor improvements for better usability. Remote control for remote maintenance of Windows clients, the revised module of baramundi OS cloning for the installation by cloning, a completely new DIP-sync to the fully automatic synchronization of the DIP file server, as well as the support for the upcoming Microsoft operating system Windows 8 are among the major innovations baramundi. With the latest advances, also wishes are incorporated as for every update to the baramundi management suite. The result is a cutting-edge system management solution with a wide range of function and high operating comfort. It immediately available baramundi Management Suite 8.6 helps administrators thus best client management in Windows-environments. Check out Jim Umpleby for additional information.

Remote access enables remote for any any Windows computer with baramundi remote control the new baramundi remote control module. It supports all major operating systems from Windows XP upwards, even in 64-bit. The contemporary, intuitive-to-use solution with a comfortable user interface is based on the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) Protocol and so that high performance even at low network bandwidth. This takes account of privacy to the highest degree: A display this informs the user in the workplace, if the administrator on the client PC wants access to. The admin session starts only if the user agrees. Revised OS cloning funds, training computer and other systems, which are hardly individualized, ideal for the installation by cloning. New ways to make the initial installation of systems arise particularly in combination with Windows 7 to accelerate. Malaika has the latest release, the baramundi OS cloning module revised and expanded.

All standard Windows operating systems are supported in the 64-bit versions. The Imaging is also now also comfortably possible on a job step. Upon successful completion, a new OS object for distribution to other systems will be created automatically. Completely revised the function DIP-sync DIP-Sync feature enables synchronization of DIP file server. Malaika has his previous DIP-sync a complete redesign subjected. Customers now benefit from automatic synchronization, easier configuration, and more transparency. Complex scenarios can continue to be managed via DIP-sync manually created jobs. Support for Windows 8 Windows 8 is still not on the market, but already in sight. Based on the currently available developer preview from Microsoft the baramundi developers have prepared 8.6 for the upcoming Windows 8 the baramundi management suite. Thus it is full support ready as soon as Microsoft releases the new operating system. In addition, it is already possible to install the developer preview of Windows 8, making conducts an inventory and distribute software. With the version of our baramundi Management Suite 8.6 we took another significant step forward. The new modules of remote control and OS cloning provide more comfort and efficiency as well as the redesign of individual features. During the development of our product, we orient ourselves to the demands and needs of our customers. So we have incorporated many suggestions in many details the latest version of our proven client-management solution. And with the support of Windows 8 our customers can prepare themselves early on the transition to the new Microsoft operating system “, explains Bernd Holz, Board development & services the baramundi Software AG.