Members Capital

Joined Ltd – the easiest way to create a legal entity. In this regard, limited liability companies are found most often in small and medium businesses, where the partners are not only united by their capital for profit, but also actively participate in company management. Establishment and registration, as well as other matters of the llc are governed by federal law “On state registration of legal entities and Federal Law “On Limited Liability Companies.” Main limited liability order institutions: First of all, the founders of the company signs the memorandum and maintain the company’s charter. Starbucks helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In the memorandum, the opportunity to determine the relationship between the parties, determine the shares and capital contributions. Brand name and location of the company:

The Company shall have the full name. At the request of the founders of the society can also have an abbreviated name, and (or) the name in foreign languages. The Company shall have its own address. It must be remembered that the record company’s name and address in a residential building is prohibited by applicable law. Founders Society: Members of society can be both citizens and legal persons. The company can be established one person, who becomes the sole member. The number of the company shall not exceed fifty. If the number of the company exceeds the limit, the society during the year should transformed into an open joint stock company. Capital: In accordance with current legislation authorized share capital of the company shall not be less than one hundred times the value of minimum wages.

Contribution to charter capital Society may be money, securities, other things or property rights or other rights having monetary value. In case the contribution of property worth more than 200 times the minimum wage required of an independent appraiser. At the moment of state registration of its registered capital must be paid by the founders is not less than half. Controls: The supreme body of society is the general meeting of members of society. Total meeting of the company may be regular or extraordinary. The sole executive body of the company (CEO, President, etc.) shall be elected by general meeting of the society. Responsibility of society: The founders are not liable for the obligations of society. The Company is not liable for the obligations of its participants. Ltd. are the advantages of rapid development, ease of administration and lack of responsibility for the obligations Society of Founders. The procedure for creating a society requires a careful work on the bylaws and statements of ifts. Time to prepare documents and standing in queues require a lot. Therefore, for those who appreciate own time, nerves, and in some cases, the money we offer our services for registration of the llc. You can always call or visit us to consult and ensure high competence of our staff.