LLC Legal Framework

Introduction So, finally, you decide on a responsible step – to open a business. This solution implies that you have chosen the subject of its activities and morally ready to leap into the 'unknown' because of the way to well-being, oddly enough, is a lot of difficulties. Although, in fact, all these 'difficulties' are not a problem per se, but arise from a lack of information at a time. I get a lot questions, the answers to which, alas, not so easy to find. Therefore, in this series, we decided to tell you the plain language how to quickly and easily open your company. Legal framework for IP Before directly to the stage of registration of IP, you should be familiar with the legal aspects of IP.

In this article we will focus only on key points, more information can be found in the Civil Code. What is Solo Entrepreneur? According to Art. 11 of the Tax Code: "Individual entrepreneurs – individuals, duly registered and carrying out entrepreneurial activities without forming entity, the head of the peasant (farm). " But entrepreneurship – self-employment initiative of citizens, aimed at making a profit and carried on his behalf by his risk and financial responsibility. The legislative framework governing the business of individuals, defined by the Civil Code. In accordance with the Law 76-FZ of January 1, 2004 the state registration entrepreneurs by the tax authorities at the place of residence of individuals. State registration is declaratory in nature and carried out within five working days submission to the registration authority the following documents: an application for registration in tax inspection in the form R21001, copies of identity document, a receipt for payment of fee; Grounds for refusal of the state registration of individual entrepreneurs in the next cases: if not submitted a complete package of documents to the registering authority, if the documents for registration submitted to the wrong registering authority, if not repealed the state registration of a person as an entrepreneur indvidualnogo; either expired a year from the date of a court decision recognizing him bankrupt.