Klaus Hohn Broker

Each insurance intermediary ultimately determined. his income” But the success depends also on the framework conditions, speak to the quality of the insurance undertaking for which the broker is working. He must identify with the product range. Otherwise it will be hard him to convince customers. Also, the level of awareness of a product of course significantly facilitates the work.

Happen at the Hamburg-Mannheimer is a special factor: Mr. Kaiser. “Now he has become the symbol of the entire profession and still a strike”, says Klaus Hohn. In addition to a competitive product portfolio also smoothly within the company are important. So the insurance intermediary must rely on the internal sales department. He should him relieve as much as possible of the increasing administrative activities, thus is the broker sufficient can devote the its core task Customer business. With security in the future, most of the major insurance houses provide their professionals guarantee payments, which should help them get started. So enjoy even a certain safety net of brokers with us in addition to the benefits of self-employment and can concentrate this fully on the new job”, stressed Klaus Hohn.

That happened, another aspect is becoming increasingly important: the career opportunities. For even more opinions, read materials from rephael sternberg. For Hamburg-Mannheimer there there no boundaries”, said Hohn. By the consultant to the Executive career anything is possible.” And the agents appreciate that too. psychonomics performance dimensions asked from June until August 2008 when the 30 largest insurers in the retail market for loyalty and satisfaction with different such as the intermediary support, the quality of the training offer or the amount of the commissions. Me unique result: the brokers of Hamburg-Mannheimer are the most satisfied in their peer group. Klaus Hohn, Director field training and HR marketing for Hamburg-Mannheimer about the charms of the insurance business, logistic advantages and stable jobs as running the training to the insurance broker in your home specifically from? First are seminars, which provide the necessary expertise.