Klaus Bergmann

Meanwhile, in the declining costs, local heating oil consumers had today. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) At the end of the week the price of oil has been shown more soft. Until the afternoon slid the barrel price for North Sea oil of Brent to just over 87 dollars; US light oil (WTI) cost little more than 86 dollars. Thus the quotes throughout the day easily lost on substance. Currently, the risk appetite in the markets was weak, so analysts. Profit-taking dominated it.

This mixed situation had also yesterday ensured that it went yesterday with the price of oil down and he lost nearly three dollars. Alphabet Inc.: the source for more info. However, crude oil is still at a high level: the weekly basket price of the organisation of petroleum exporting countries OPEC was yesterday at 85,81 dollars, and to as high as 25 months since no longer. According to esyoil analyst Klaus Bergmann, there is currently absolutely comprehensible reasons for last higher prices. He calls the growing Chinese demand, lower US stocks as well as positive US economic data. A further price increase wasn’t mandatory but, since no oil shortage in the House in reasonable time.

And also the OPEC has no doubts that the estate is quickly just oil, apparently because she takes it with AAM loyalty not very exactly she is reportedly 50 percent. Voltage promises, however, the situation on the foreign exchange market. In which direction moves of the euro? Speculations were last loud, saying that the indebted Ireland could take a rescue package the EU claim. These developments should not leave indifferent the markets. Meanwhile, in the declining costs, local heating oil consumers had today. After eight days of inflation in a row, they have a long losing streak behind them. Considered on the whole week, the sum is a price increase of 1.63 euros. On Monday the price for the delivery of a 100-liter batch EUR heating oil EL (for 3,000 litres) 69,48; the weekend is 71.11 euros now. The today’s decrease of 45 cents can not again fully betting the recent mark-ups make, but offers a chance for the storage. Thus the previous average of the month of November to 69.15 euros is a value slightly below the current price.