Joo Great

The Human being has in itself present intelligence, but, why teima in leaving everything as future projects? ‘ ‘ It hurries to live and it thinks it well you that each day is by itself, one vida’ ‘. Sneca? Roman philosopher PERSONAL INTERESTS? Personal interests? This exactly delays the upward march of itself (a) and the Humanity. When the reason is apt to understand, is because the moment arrived to carry through. ‘ ‘ The study of metaphysics it consists of looking for, in one dark room, a black cat that is not l’ ‘. Voltaire? French philosopher. The AGE OF THE ONE LATER Already we are in century 21, the age of the one later, not valley more, therefore until the babies they are being born of opened eyes to follow the present march, not to lose time.

The reporters now are momentary. ‘ ‘ That one that everything postpones, will not leave nothing concluded, nor perfeito’ ‘. Democritus? Greek philosopher. HE IS NOT EXCEEDED Will be that it has people wanting to come back to year One? It wants to eat with the hands or it better finds to use places setting same with 10% of intelligence that has? ‘ ‘ My past is everything how much I did not obtain to be. Nor the sensations of gone moments me are saudosas: what it is felt demands the moment; passed this, it has one to capsize page and history continues, but not it texto’ ‘. Fernando Person? Poet and Portuguese Writer the NATURAL EFFECT the Natural Effect had always been to the front of the Human beings.

They did not perceive because they placed the head in one another place. What this caused? Delay in the time of the huge accomplishments in benefit of the Humanity. All the land is to the reach of the scholar, since the father of a high soul is the Universe. Democritus? Greek philosopher. The REAL TIME the Real Time will charge of intelligent the o lost time, therefore, great terrestrial, celestial, human earthquakes and spirituals will scare, them, and place in its due places what they are leaving stop later. sobrevieram lightning, voices thunders, and occurred a great earthquake, as it never had equal since that it has people on the land; such was the earthquake, great fort and. Apocalypse of JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 16:18. THE SPACE IS THIS? The Space is not what the incarnate man wants, but is that one who is inside of it as an Immortal Spirit, and that it makes quickly through its exempts thought. It finds that it is not thus? It does not use of false humildade stops with you, therefore, the age it is of now. Example: The adobe if becomes a jar in the powerful hands of the potter. Long ago, if it would need a thousand potters to make some jars. Now, the machine the aid. It commands the machine! That is, either more agile in the good accomplishments. ‘ ‘ All the man is guilty of the good that not fez’ ‘. Voltaire? French philosopher.