Ironing Plate

Ironing has been always a challenge – became easier with time but always! Ironing was always a challenge to humanity. Because as soon as the loom had been invented, the substances thus fabricated wanted to be brought right into shape. Every time, when you had a garment washed and dried, it was wrinkled in ancient Babylon. Bear but of course the carrier of this garment wanted his play”again in a new State. There are no limits to the human vanity! Therefore, experiments were carried in ancient Babylon, how it because could bring back the fabric to its original state.

Soon, people were struck. You must complain to him just with a hot plate. However, this method was not so easy to apply. Because hot plates do not so easily overheat and move. That’s why came a resourceful inventor the idea to provide a small metal plate with a handle. This metal plate could be heated over the fire. That was the first generation of the iron. In the course of history, the iron was increasingly refined.

Because the thin metal plates quickly cooled, was looking for a way, how it could generate the heat inside the metal plate. So it was in the middle ages on the idea of filling an iron with coal. But here, there were often accidents, since filling the glowing coals slaloming was not so easy. Hot coals for many textiles remain too hot so that it always came to scorched spots on clothing. Therefore, the first electric iron was euphorically hailed then in the late 19th century. Because now you could easily fix finally the temperature. With the spread of electricity this form of iron moved so soon in all households throughout Europe. A further breakthrough came with the discovery that you could improve iron by the addition of water vapour. Researchers made the discovery in the laboratory, that the water vapour the mobility of Improved fiber in the fabric. Thus, she can be put more on form. A small, but significant additional benefit is the fact that this form is also better maintained. In recent years, this steam iron could be trumped again by the Steam ironing stations. As the information portal for Steam ironing stations shows, these devices emit around five times as much steam as a normal steam iron. This can significantly improve the performance of the ironing. You shouldn’t expect eagerly as the ironing technology will develop in the next few decades. Or maybe the substances, which must no longer be ironed using nano technology finally come?