On the Internet, often enticing titles tests, such as "Know the name of her future husband" or "Are you ready to get married." Headers and beckon to pass the test. And a woman's curiosity, of course, has the upper hand: it's so easy – responded to questions 10-20 and immediately got results. But here's the result is often quite unexpected. So what's the reason? And here are some reasons. 1. The first reason is that, often answering questions, the man is cunning. He's like would want to look better than it actually is, and chooses the answers that describe him best. And, of course, because of this error occurs.

Although some tests have the scale of lies, and if you typed a lot scores on this scale, the test is invalid. So if you want to get reliable results, and answer honestly, what would you do, not because you seem right. 2. If you received the test result upset, and you do not expect, should look closer to her and may have to change something in yourself. After the test results – this is not a sentence, but rather a "food" for thought. After all tests are created to help you identify some characteristics that identify what you have the ability or the cause of internal problems. And if you wanted to be an actress, and the test results recommend you become a banker, do not worry.

Perhaps you have a really great talent for banking and you should try their hand in this direction. Is it possible to analyze the results and what do you think is not enough to become an actress and to work over each other to achieve the desired goal to be an actress. Test results may serve as a good helper in cultivation. 3. We must not forget that the tests are not only psychological, but entertaining, but it different things. What is the difference between them? If the problem of psychological tests is to identify the specific psychological characteristics of personality, the purpose of entertaining a completely different test – to entertain people. It is, therefore, Unlike external dryish psychological tests, entertaining tests are bright, interesting, unusual, they attract your attention and entice them to go. And the approach to the results of psychological tests and entertainment must be different. If the results of psychological tests need to worry, the results of tests to take entertainment with humor. If the test results, "Know the date of his death," you will fall tomorrow, it is not means that it will urgently need to buy and the coffin and book a place at the cemetery. And do not take everything to heart, think of what is going on with humor and your life will be much nicer and more fun!