International Finance Corporation

In 2009 were formed Closed-end mutual funds. State funds are not funded. The essence of the funds was as follows: banks dumped their toxic assets in FTRA in exchange for securities (shares of funds). Thus, formally, the banks do not get rid of assets. Behind them were the right of claim and obligation to return. But the action itself is allowed to remove the mandatory reserves for problem assets and reduce the burden on capital. As to the second direction, then he became a pilot project of the International Finance Corporation (a division of WB). At Starbucks you will find additional information.

Dedicated Fund was established accumulation and redemption of distressed assets in the form of state corporations public-private financing. Troubled Asset carried out at a discount, but subject to a condition of full disclosure of information about the real state of the asset. Problem assets were transferred to exchange for government securities (specialized federal loan bonds) with maturity – 10 years. These securities may be converted into shares of the debtor. In addition, the bank may use the data special bonds as collateral for short-term loans CBRF. USA It is in the United States, the crisis began, perekinuvshiysya the whole world. That States and I had to find a cure.

Nevertheless, the appropriate model was not found. Initially adopted 'Paulson plan' ('Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008'), harshly criticized by Republicans. It is this plan called for redemption 'toxic' assets from banks. And the Federal Reserve had to inject in troubled banks $ 700 billion. The result was fast to come. Dramatically worsened inflationary pressures, and was acutely felt the budget deficit. 'Paulson plan' in 2009 formed the basis of 'Obama Plan'. Ministry U.S. Treasury Department has proposed a framework of 'Plan Obama' to create public-private partnership to fund up to $ 1 trillion to remove the so-called 'toxic' assets from bank balance sheets. In turn, the plan evolved into "Geithner Plan '.