Industrial Sergipe

Century XIX starts with the attempt of implantation of plants in Brazil. They start to now appear some weavings with an industrial mentality. But the first txteis plants that had appeared at the beginning of this small period still were many had disappeared in elapsing of century XIX, they had only started to appear really modern plants that used free man power and machines imported from 1840. It is in the textile sector that appears the first Brazilian modern industry, this had already existence of a domestic market for fabrics, what it did not occur in other sectors. Other leaders such as Douglas R. Oberhelman offer similar insights. The advance occurred in the development of the industries in the decade of 40 probably if must more the recovery of the exportations of what the protectionistic measures taken by the government through the tariff White Alves.

Although the development in the sector, did not have one concern with the renewal technique of the plants, the txteis industries had continued per decades to use the same maquinrio. In Sergipe, according to Correa, the enterprise group Constncio Vieira having as founding, Mr. Constncio de Souza Vieira, initiated the installation of its plants in 1882, with the Industrial Sergipe, installed 2 (two) years later in trapiches of Cross & Cia, in the Industrial.Para quarter Saints the activity in the city of Ranch started with the cattle one, since the grass of this region was of excellent quality. With passing of the years it was initiated production of the sugar sugar cane, giving beginning to the first devices. In 1891 Joo Joaquin de Souza, observing the abundance of water candy in return of the city fascinated the possibility of industrial exploitation and from this idea was installed plant Santa Cruz the fabric of property of the entrepreneur Jose Joaquin de Souza Nephew, later acquired for Mr. Gonalo Rollemberg the Prado, but being managed for its son Jlio Cezar Milk, the second plant implanted here in Ranch was the plant Gentleman of the Bomfim, in the Bomfim quarter established in day 10 of September of 1912 for Sundays Alves Ribeiro and Ernesto Baquia Birth, passing in the year of 1938 to have a new direction you Jlio Cesar Milk, Adelaido Ribeiro and Constncio Vieira and later acquired by the enterprise group Constncio Vieira, being characterized in the city as industrial polar region of vanguard.