Lives and future prospects in a new country often have an iridescent color, hairy myths that often do not resemble reality. Try to look at the challenges that immigrants may face on arrival in the fertile Germany. Myth 1. In a developed country there will be another "sweet spot" for a modest migrant. Of course, Germany highly Power, honest toil has won a name for itself, "the locomotive of the European economy." But at the turn century country faces serious economic problems. First, the relatively low GDP growth rate. Second, the steadily rising cost of social security retirees, whose numbers exceed the number of able-bodied citizens.

And, thirdly, the mismatch of supply and demand in the labor market gives rise to an incredible state of this scale unemployment rate – 7.5%. Therefore, an immigrant with no knowledge of the language, without shelter and diploma Education is more likely to join the ranks of the unemployed than to find a paying job. Myth 2. With a diploma to find a job no problem. Debunking the myth to begin with, recognize that in Germany only "homegrown" diplomas. It due to the difference between the German education system.

In Ukraine (as well as the CIS), a five-year study and a formal two-three month practice has, in fact, is willing to work. In Germany, everything is much more complicated. After graduating from elementary school children begin to separate at the level of knowledge. If the child did not show a high or medium level in primary school – the road to higher education he ordered.