Human Resources

The human resources the oganizaes had left to have a vision, that employed would have that to be one it schemes to execute tasks, to have obedience and to be following of orders of the head. In view of the constant changes in the world, the organizations had had that to introduce in the human resources, the management of participation and the knowledge that is known as management of people. In the management of people the employee is collaborating and the head is the manager, the collaborator is that one that places its talent and its capacity for the development of the organization and the manager is the leader that one whom it looks to keep the motivated team understanding the necessities of the collaborator. To have good results in the management of the team the leader has that to have 04 attitudes: – IMPATIA the leader always waits compromentimento of the collaborator for desenvolvemnto of the company, harms for this can be marked is necessary to respect what it is asked for, to repeitar the words and feelings of the other. – COMMUNICATION Is to become understood, the great ones leads hears what the other speaks is very important to hear what the people have to speak to even be able to have a suggestion or an idea. – DELEGATION the leader must know what it goes to delegate for its team, to know so that if it can make the delegations in agreement the ability and limitations of each one. To delegate is not to play activity for the people, harms to give support so that the activity without taking off the responsibility of the people is fulfilled. – AFFILIATION the people admire the great ones lead for the way to lead the team and the motivation that is given for this team, it is admiration can be lost for the fact of the leader to leave that the people I circulate of it of work participates of the particular life, confusing head and friend.

The collaborator inside has an important paper of an organization, therefore, he knows the mission and the objective that is traced by the organization, knows the content of the business area, capacity to execute tasks with innovations, to work in net, to be an internal consultant. The important one is that the organizations of value to the internal public, consequentemente will have respect for external public who is the consumers. The necessity of the customer is the great mission of the organizations, for this has that to have investment in the people, with indentification, exploitation and development of the intellectual capital. Good day Joo Robert Learns pass-passes as to work with personal management