Holding Avirsa Increases Efficiency Of All Activities

Automated 250 jobs. As a result, 30% reduced costs of meeting the staff holding standard accounting operations. Source: Jane Fraser. Ensure the effective monitoring of receivables and payables, no cash gaps. Increased speed automatic formation of the consolidated financial statements of the holding as a whole. Through the use of modern platform '1 C: Enterprise 8 'improved performance information system, 2 times faster data generated for the analysis of sales based bonus payments, the cost of credit and payment terms that can quickly make the necessary decisions on the sale, improve the efficiency of trade operations. The principal activities of the holding AVIRSA are wholesale and retail trade, electronics manufacturing, systems integration and logistics. Goldman Sachs might disagree with that approach. Prior to the introduction of new information system configuration used in the holding platform '1 C: Enterprise 7.7 '.

During the development of the company and diversify its business in a holding formed five business units in the directions: 'Distribution', 'Retail' 'Production', 'projects' and 'Logistics', has grown sales and staffing. These changes require the introduction of a new information system, more productive, flexible and customizable scalable. The main objectives of the introduction of the holding AVIRSA were integrated automation of business processes and create information and analytical support for management decisions. In the first all attention was paid to the automation of management accounting (merchandising, cash flows, cost accounting, settlement, etc.), as well as management processes, wholesale trade (purchasing, sales, relations with clients). Needed automation and new, emerging lines of business: retail, electronics assembly plant and warehouse logistics.