Great Opportunity

We are nearing the end of the year and any closed cycle is almost certain that many of us feel tired and weak. Stress is the word "star" of this time and is very likely to have taken over our minds and bodies, while some breaks have occurred in our lives, inviting us to stop, to reflect, to bottom out. At this time of nerves, worries, tension, tiredness, I propose you do stop to find yourself. Looking for peace even a few minutes to "talk" with your inner self and ask … How do you feel now? What do you feel is missing from your life? What happened to you in 2008 is this what you wanted? If not, what do you think happened to have these results? How can collaborative, participatory or afford? What were your roles, behaviors and attitudes that influenced what happened to happen is positive or negative? What would you like to happen next year? Remember Me begun to think about what your dreams and what goals you would like to achieve in 2009? What are you waiting for thinking and above all, keeping score? This is a good time to tear down the belief that the time New Year's Eve is a time of boredom that we want to be diluted quickly. Search for "tell a different story." This period may be as you choose it to be. Here I give some tips you can apply for this age one of the best of the year: 1) Try to start with any changes. .