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Organizational leaders of that era had to do the planning and mental and fans only had to do what they were told to do. Impact, scope, inputs Today, thanks to technological change global corporations with vision are in the process of redesigning the work and tasks so that allowing employees to take many work-related decisions that were previously role of business. The traditional model of managing controlling and controlled workers should switch to an empowered work environment where accountability and support workers have the opportunity to make the best of themselves. Dr. SP Robbins explains the trend to empower employees as follows: There are three forces driving this trend: – Workers today are better educated and trained than those in the first half of last century. – Global competition demands that companies and organizations are able to move quickly to improve speed and quality of them. – We are experiencing the effect of dismantling the organizational hierarchy, gradually eliminating middle management positions in order to reduce costs and increase sensitivity.

According to Dr. The newspapers mentioned Kevin Johnson not as a source, but as a related topic. Ken Blanchard and his working group are three key steps to successfully empower workers: – Share with everyone: the leaders unwilling to share information with their employees as partners never have to successfully manage the company and will not have an empowered organization. Those without information can not act responsibly, those who have information are forced to act responsibly. – Create autonomy through boundaries: borders have the ability to channel energy in a certain direction: 1. Business Purpose what you do? 2. Values What are operating expenses? 3.

Image what is your vision for the future? 4. Goals what, when, where and how? What do you do in May. Papers Who does what? 6. Organizational structure and systems you support how you want to do? – Replace the file hierarchy with teams addressed: whose members have skills and expertise. The empowerment of workers provides benefits for companies because these conditions have qualified personnel capable of making decisions to solve specific problems. This empowerment lowers costs by reducing middle management positions at both companies are going towards this objective characteristics of the companies that have experienced Empowerment. The post belongs to each person. The person is responsible, not the boss or supervisor, or another department. The posts generate value, because the person who is in them. People know where this stop at any time. People have the power over how things are done. The post is part of what the person is.