Getting a Job

What mistakes are reduced and even nullify your chances of getting a job? What is surprising, prevent, and even annoying laugh recruiters in the executive summary of candidates? The work gives you the tools for life. Summary – a tool for getting a job. Corollary: if you want a good life – have a good resume. My own 8-year experience in recruitment, plus a poll of colleagues found 12 major errors in the summary candidates. On many of these employers do not tell you directly. They just throw in a basket or a summary, at best, be postponed to the database "for the future." For you, your resume – a unique and unrepeatable.

Not in the sense that you have a favorite one, and that you prepare in this life, and read one single resume. Believe recruiters, through whose hands (or rather – the eye) are dozens of resumes a day and thousands per month. For them, as well as for employers, your resume – just one of thousands. At your disposal only 2-3 moment when it will be read (if at all). Do not lose this chance, do not let the errors listed below.

Summary – the first we have to evaluate you … 1. Grammar and spelling errors and typos. "Spelling I have a good, but it is somehow lame "- said the famous multgeroy. Literacy speech and writing directly affect the overall impression. This is as sleazy or dirty clothes. Admitting mistakes, you get to the "Island bad luck "if you" on the face of terrible, "nobody will believe that you are" good inside ".