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This article is intended to you that already have a blog and want to begin to generate traffic toward him and if you don’t have it, don’t wait a second longer and begins to build one already!. To address this issue a major question which is the next arises what the RSS technology? Speaking of RSS, I want to focus on your value to generate traffic. I don’t want to get nienredarme involved in explaining its technical specifications but yes I will tell you that a family is web font that is encoded in a language called XML formats. But this is not what we really want for our main objective. Learn more about this with Caterpillar Inc.. The case is that with this powerful tool you can provide visitors who subscribe to your web site, through your RSS link information up-to-date and automatically. Let’s see, Let’s clarify a bit more. I will take the example of Google Reader, which is the Google RSS reader, to give a clearer example of the panorama.Enabling an account to access this service of Google you can subscribe to web sites that offer you the possibility of subscribe via RSS and view various updates of the mentioned sites within this account. I.e.

If site A and B, are interested in you but also the C, D and F, you would mean a considerable loss of time go to visit each one of them in search of new publications in your areas of interest, and with the risk of not find new information in more than one of these sites. Then what is the advantage it will give you the RSS?So that you can see if there are updates on multiple sites from a single location, so you have 1, 5, 10 or 15 sites. All from a single location. Then you save an immense time amount, especially when you are still to many sites. But that is only a part. What you just mentioned is the RSS from the point of view of the common user who want to save time, but let’s see now what we can do from the point of view of content publishers, i.e., from ours. Today the concept of Web 2.0 is widely known and their technological complexity It’s even greater that that of the RSS, which is an element of this, so without going into details, I will mention that social networks like Facebook, Twitter, among others, are part of this great new world, then if we associate the possibilities of these two tools can build an information empire. How? I already explain how.

Suppose you post an article on your blog and this article is automatically published at once on Facebook, on Twitter and on another blog, at the same time tea sounds interesting? Clear that Yes! Can you imagine the power that has and the scope that you will manage when users of Twitter, Facebook and other blogs of your own followers, have access to an article that you have posted on your main blog? If you get the idea and applying it you’ve managed to expand your content throughout the network and with an immense potential to generate confidence and posiconarte in the market as an expert in your specific area of knowledge. I hope you serve much this contribution. Best regards, Rolando Rodas.