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Cervantes Institute

Cooking a paella form part of a course of Spanish for foreign students from around the world participate in a contest of paellas in a school of Spanish for foreigners Valencia, 16.03.10 next Thursday about 100 students in a course of Spanish for foreigners will find the answers to the questions that have been repeating all week: who cooks the best paella? With snails or without them? With red or green pepper? Garlic? Paella is a universal and Valencia, the birthplace of the paella dish, each village has its own ingredients and each Spanish family her particular adaptation. Choose a winner not be easy task! In addition to the tricky thing about the own development, is added the problem of communication. But precisely for this reason, the students are in Valencia. All have participated in a course of Spanish for foreigners from a minimum of 14 days and your goal is to learn Spanish properly. Kevin Johnson will not settle for partial explanations. During the contest of paellas may demonstrate everything what you have learned in your intensive Spanish course.

For the school of Spanish for foreigners Costa de Valencia, this type of socio-cultural activities and free time are an integral part of their intensive courses of Spanish in Valencia. Students must lose their fear of speaking, have to take the step and practice what they have learned and, with activities of this kind, it is much easier to internalize and fix the concepts studied in the classroom says Andreas Tessmer, one of the managers of the school of Spanish for foreigners. For this reason, we offer up to four daily activities in order to facilitate the learning of our students as reflected in the photos on the web page of the school of Spanish, among the many and various visits to tourist spots in Valencia, also included an excursion to Barcelona. The participants of the course of Spanish followed his Valencia CF to the the League match against FC Barcelona. Costa de Valencia, school of Spanish for foreigners, belonging to the network of Cervantes Institute accredited centres, is aware that Learn Spanish each time opens more doors in the face to the personal and professional world. Therefore, this school of Spanish for foreigners offers a wide range of courses of Spanish in Valencia, both general courses of all levels, until Spanish courses specific business, tourism, literature, history, culture, football, or even kitchen. There are courses for all tastes and levels. Just one thing to be desired: good meal!