Pragma (Pragma) – Sewer Spigot pipe made of polypropylene with a double wall. The outer corrugated surface – rust-colored, the inner smooth surface – white. Circumferential stiffness of 8 kN/m2, the operational length of the class T. pipes – 6 m, at one end of the socket, the groove in the other end – the rubber seal. Fitting system Pragma: – Dual socket, sockets – O-rings – Taps, turns – Tees – Bushes for passage through the reinforced concrete well – Transitions – Prehod on pipes pvc – Pipe Plugs Pragma (Pragma) – slip-joint pipe with double wall structured, designed for the construction of non-pressure drainage systems. The method of production – a double Coextrusion, when simultaneously inner and outer walls forming the outlet from the extruder unit.

Outer wall – corrugated, brown, that meets European trazitsiyam visual identification of the destination pipe. Internal – smooth, white, which provides an excellent opportunity for the television inspection during operation. Bell made separately and welded to the tube during production, providing tightness of the construction. Pragma pipe produced by the outer and the inner diameter of 150 mm. – 1137 mm. Pragma pipe made of polypropylene block copolymer (PP-b).

Temperature range – 60 C + 100 C . Ben Horowitz can provide more clarity in the matter. Polypropylene (PP) is resistant unlimited number of cycles of freezing. Resistant to acidic and alkaline environments. Differs both high strength and elasticity. Restores a form for short-distorting. Maximum resistance to shock impact. High resistance to abrasion, is not afraid of the impact of abrasives (sand, coal chips, etc.) High resistance to uv radiation allows to store the pipe on outdoors for a long time. Low coefficient of roughness for high bandwidth. Polypropylene pipes are not affected by overgrowing, are self-cleaning in the minimum speed allowed by standard sp 40-102-2000. Subject to modern methods of cleaning using hydrodynamic machines. Pipes do not make stray currents, ie does not require cathodic protection devices. Does not corrode, rot. Light weight – do not require mechanisms for moving and stacking. Easy to connect pipes, processing, and fitting on site does not require the use of special tools and skilled workers. Not required as additional operations to seal the tubes and additional sealing materials, except rubber O-rings. If necessary, repair is performed with a minimum of operations and materials. Pipes made of pp can store "pipe in pipe", which allows efficient use of space on site. Projected service life of pipelines from the pp in normal conditions 100 years.