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The rumors about Greece and Portugal no longer indifferent to our country, a country in which the financial system remains the central core of the debt, a country in which the transition to a more social and committed financial system starts with the primordial objective of the recovery of confidence. Arduous task for entities that now more that ever, still being considered large responsible for the outbreak of the current crisis. And while macro-level economic shocks the markets and institutions are suffering the stakes of the debacle, the front of the recovery of confidence remained open, launching new promotions that seek the efficient protection of the banking customer. Check out Ben Horowitz for additional information. Banco Santander, one of the Giants and essential pillars of the economy to the market under the trade name of network insurance launches a product through which offers a service of attention to the client continued with deadlines for the offer of solutions and timelines for resolution of the problems, economic, efficient and within reach of all budgets. Entities, specifically the big banks, opting to banking online as the only alternative to reach one greater number of potential clients achieving the recovery of confidence through financial products that meet the needs of new customers, transformed into new prosumers and having incorporated new consumption habits. Banks online, efficient and committed, the key to be the best social Bank of the cycles. Banks return to give mortgages for 100% of the floor how to avoid a new crisis in Europe Tribune free create your own network of prosumers Business and money online