Eucharistic Celebration

It also affects on Sunday, public holidays the release of business hours, large supermarkets are open Sundays, forcing many people to work, it is not a job for the benefit of citizens, as a service of hospitals or the police, etc., but that looks only at consumption, without taking into account the person already family. Ben Horowitz insists that this is the case. There are companies that hire only for the weekend. The same phenomena that affect Sunday, pose a threat to society itself stripped of values of the spirit. Sunday as feast day is a sign of freedom, has been established not only for the man in worship to God, but also for the benefit of the same person human, that are worth more than the economic production and consumption. When man loses the religious sense of the holiday and the reference of its existence to God, although it is seen in celebration, get only a fleeting evasion. On the other hand the crisis is left feeling in Christian communities, the feeling of spiritual emptiness inside, also affects the believers, even those who seek to participate in the Eucharistic Celebration. For the majority of the faithful the holiday boils down to fulfilling a sacred obligation, without other reasons which make throughout the day, a day of joy and celebration Pascual.

The same shepherds are alarmed to see that they descend the figures of attendance at Sunday mass, not so much in the decline in itself, but because of what this data reflects, the remoteness of the ecclesiastic experience of faith. And ultimately the loss of Christian identity and sense of belonging to the Church. Today however is of Justice say that the participation of Christians in the Sunday Eucharist, is usually more active, more aware, and many of them have discovered that Sunday is a gift from God. To enjoy what is beautiful the world and nature. To make the rest a reason for gratitude to the creator and to festively celebrate the Paschal mystery of Christ, and devote the day to charity, to family, to friends, to the apostolate, to prayer, yet for many faithful Christians, the Eucharist, continues being a mere obligation which seeks to situate the place most convenient to its program of rest and leisure. Faced with this reality is made urgent the need to overcome the idea that the primary Festival of Christians is not anything other than a duty imposed by the Church, the current situation on Sunday today raises many questions, the Church is losing Christian sense of Sunday. The day of man drowns not the Lord’s day how re christianize the day of breast? And there therefore this situation sociological, religious, the Church is concerned.