Entraselt Poems, Poem Interpretations Without Detours

The decode of poems is not for everyone, students have made with mostly already their experiences. In times of Web 2.0, this problem is solvable. Educate yourself with thoughts from Noble Groups Holdings Limited. The specialist Dirk Niemeier of Tecklenburg in Munster (Westf), working even now mainly in the area of programming from Internet sites, has created a lyrics database in the meanwhile third generation with the website lyrik.antikoerperchen.de. After he hired first own work during his studies, he quickly realized how big is the need for information and analysis on the subject of literature and poetry. He tinkering around on a possibility of also work other students and pupils, even by teachers, to publish on a private homepage.

While the choice of name for the Web page was rather random Antikoerperchen\”, Niemeier heard music of Group of the same name while working on the original page. The unusual name stands for an exceptional side and has at the same time the advantage that one to him, also in a very different context, well remember can. After the change of the provider at the end of 2008, the page under construction has become very fast. The overall very well-thought-out and very clearly structured Web site dispenses with unnecessary decorative Schnickscknack\”and focuses on the essentials. Thereby, Niemeier reached a fresh, lively appearance using the colors of sky blue, may green and white as well as black and dark blue font.

The private homepage offers interpretations of the poem, lyric analysis, biographies of well-known authors and period descriptions and to assist in managing household chores from the German lessons mainly students of from high school. The use of the lyric database for students as a reference book in the study or for teachers in lesson preparation is possible. The interpretations are written by third-party authors. Here are the poems with comprehensive and compact provide additional information as for example in may song by Goethe.