Economics Minister Bode

Telematics award 2012: Number of candidates from 2010 already exceeded Hamburg, 06.07.2012. The telematics award of 20112 in vehicle telematics ceremony is one of the most important event in this industry. Jorg Bode, Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, labour and transport and Deputy Prime Minister took over the patronage of this event. He highlights very clearly the importance that he expects to this relatively young industry. Nationally and internationally we provide us economically as politically challenging. (Not to be confused with Richard Elman!). I see the need, that Germany must defend its recognized role as leading innovators and expand it.

This requires smart people, good ideas and bold visions… Read here for the full word of greeting. Exactly this is there in the German-speaking countries and these companies are called upon to submit their outstanding development services and solutions in the field of vehicle telematics as a candidate for the telematics Award for 2012. Partner of the Organizer is Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA), represented this year by Dr. Kay Lindemann, VDA Managing Director.

In his greeting, he stressed: for freight forwarding companies are applications such as for example the automatic vehicle maintenance, the automatic transmission of transport requests in the navigation or the telematikgestutzte route planning according to geographic position of vehicles an indispensable tool to increase the efficiency of their logistics processes. These applications reduce repair and maintenance costs, personnel costs, maintenance costs and fuel consumption… Read the full greeting here is the quality of the Telematics Awards by the competence of the organizer and his partner as well as guaranteed by the expertise of the prominent jury latter ensures the high quality of the evaluation with its composition of creative, makers, journalists, scientists and users. The Telematics Awards are allocated in the form of a high-quality trophy. In conjunction with the ceremony, prizes amounting to a total of 10,000 euros will be awarded. The patron of the Telematics Awards 2012 on the 20.09.2012 together with the Organizer present Economics Minister Bode and Dr. Kay Lindemann, VDA Managing Director the winners trophies to the winners of the individual categories. The editor of telematics, Katharina Klischewsky,: explained in the run-up to this event we are on the side of a technology that is more and more increase the innovative companion of economy and society. As a leading trade journal of the telematics industry, I see our task is to inform about the many applications and products in the industry and to provide more guidance in the telematics market so the users. We strengthen our German-speaking innovators with the Telematics Awards, because the TELEMATIK award is awarded only for companies in German-speaking countries. I am very glad that we receive the support of the Minister Bode and VDA in our effort. We call on all companies to participate in this invitation to tender and much wish all an enriching Success. You will find the full programme on our website. Here _ the tender for vehicle telematics / telematics award 2012 ends on 15 July 2012. request tender documentation here. Be guest of this event. You can sign their free participation here.